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Is Scor! is right for me?
Just Ask! Email us or call 877-726-SCOR (7267). Talk with String Faculty about your questions.

Where can I find Scor! Info?
On our Camps Page. Just click on a Scor! Camp name. Once the website is ready (opening dates are in red), you'll find 5 pages full of info on each camp, including Schedules, Fees, Offerings, Faculty, Hotel Options, and more! If the website's not up yet, you can check out last year's website for each camp to get a good general summary of info.(Links to last year's websites are included on the Camps Page.)

Come to Scor! and experience a unique and exciting opportunity to learn & grow through lots of music making. Scor! is designed especially for adult learners, but we still call it "camp" because we have such a great time & intentionally create a relaxed, fun atmosphere. We provide top-notch instruction for string players in areas such as chamber music, orchestra, physical skills, rhythm, improvisation, and lots more!

A recent "camper" at multiple locations says: "There is NOTHING like their camps (Scor!) anywhere in the country." -K.A.

What do you call it? ...Chamber music camp? Fiddle Camp? Cello Camp? Violin Camp? Orchestra Camp? We've heard our campers describe Scor! all these ways. Scor! mixes all of these ingredients, so we call it "String Camp". So it is all strings, but what about that "Camp" part? You might be used to the idea of a chamber music workshop, or a violin conference, but those might sound too much like a job! So "String Camp" it is.

  • String = involving music made with strings (violin, viola, cello, bass)
  • + Camp = Fun, learning, relaxed environment, friends, and more! (whoever said camps are just for kids are kidding themselves--and missing out!)
  • + .com = -- this Scor! website is your destination to learn more about your next musical adventure packed with opportunity musical and personal growth. Welcome!

We're excited that Scor! is nationwide! Find a Scor! Camp Near YOU! See our Camps page for information. We're offering a dozen Scor! Camps across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, South, Midwest, and West Coast. Scor! is such a great opportunity, we want to make it possible for many people to attend with a reasonable-length trip! Now with a camp in both Northern and Southern California, Scor! is easily accesiible to the millions of people who live in those regions.

Don't hold your breath & wait to attend until Scor! lands right in your backyard though, because founders Kyle & Beth Bultman personally drive to each camp to teach, volunteer, & administer. 12 camps per year is the maximum possible, when balanced with our alternating season of planning & administration. We embark on this grand musical adventure each year so your Scor! experience is of excellent and consistent quality!

While on tour, we also offer Express!--inspiring musical programs for kids. Learn more about Express! at

We are working every day to put on exciting and fulfilling events for the 2017 season. We're thrilled that five out of twelve Scor! Camps sold out this past season--a new record! You can see all 2017 dates & locations at our Camps Page. To see summaries of this year's camps, see our 'Camps' page and loook for updates by Facebook & e-news. To make sure you get Scor! dates, info, & notice of when registration opens, string playing tips,& more, sign up for Scor! news..

We've received a $2,000 matching-funds commitment from a long-time generous Scor! camper in support Express musical programs for kids. Express! has thus-far been in the "pilot" stage and has needed further systems development to launch as a fully functioning program area.

You can double your dollars with this matching gift, & with your support, we can launch Express! The result? Thousands of kids around the nation will benefit from inspiring & educational music programs, and music teachers will benefit with fresh ideas & motivated students. Please see the new Express! Support page for details.

Picture: Cello Ensemble at the Rochester Scor! Camp

View All Camps Here.

Rochester Scor! Camp July 11-15, 2017. The Original Scor!. See all Scor! camps here. Rochester, NY. This original Scor! Typically the largest Scor! Camp, Rochester Scor! is packed with diverse ensembles, sessions, and opportunities for growth. Options for up to 5 days packed with string playing & learning. Multiple distinct tracks to accommodate your playing level. Numerous qualified & enthusiastic teachers. (See last year's website HERE.)

Thanks Camp Sponsor The String House for their generous support of the Rochester Scor! Camp.

Where Is Scor!Camp Info?
CLICK HERE for our Camps Page, then click on a Scor! Camp. Once the website is ready (opening dates are in red), you'll find 5 pages full of info on each camp, including Schedules, Fees, Offerings, Faculty, Hotel Options, and more! (Check opening dates in red.)

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Come and Grow! at Scor!
Scor! isn't just about having a great time playing wonderful string music such as chamber music, string orchestra music, and fiddle music. We're confident that you'll grow in many other ways. It's like a festival of musical & personal growth! Here are a few things you might experience at a Scor! event:

Joy, inspiration, fun, friendship, learning, being challenged, passion, improvement, motivation, creation, enjoyment, discovery, courage, intensity, confidence, new skills... and the list goes on. Come and grow!

Transform Fear & Hesitation into Joy & Confidence!

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