Scor! Fiesta!

Fiesta! is a great way to elongate your Scor! experience by one more day and have a blast doing so! Fiesta! takes place the day before Scor! camp, Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

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What is Fiesta!?
Ever dream of spending an ENTIRE DAY making music and hanging out with your string playing friends? Make it real this year at Scor!'s Fiesta!--a one-day Music Party! Enjoy orchestra & chamber music reading, plus Cello Ensemble/Fiddling, & more.

A Day to Play, Play, Play! Surround yourself with music all day. Escape into music & experience new music all day long! Ensemble & Friends. Music & Fun. The party lasts all day at Fiesta!

Finish off the day out to dinner with your newfound friends, if you'd like. You'll never know how fun it was... unless you come! Psst... spread the word.

Is Fiesta! for me?
You have a ravenous appetite for music - any kind of ensemble music. You just can't get enough! You love playing with others. Maybe you rarely get to. You want to get better at sight-reading, and know the only way to improve is just to do it. You love being surrounded by music. If any of these things are true for you, then Fiesta! is for you!

Fiesta! is not recommended for beginning players (in the first few years) or Basic Track participants since so much sight-reading is involved. We recommend at least 2-3 years of playing experience, and a solid ability to read music that's new to you.

Fiesta! Schedule

10:10-10:30 Arrival & Registration
10:45-12:15 Chamber Orch Reading
12:15-1:15 Lunch
Cello Ensemble/Fiddling
3:15-4:45 Chamber Music Reading

Note: You may opt to purchase lunch during Fiesta! on your registration

This schedule may change but the day will still go from 10:30-5:00.

What day is Fiesta!?

Fiesta! at Atlanta Scor! Camp occurs on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, the day before Scor! Camp begins.

Sign Me Up!

We'd love to have you! You may add Fiesta! to your Scor! experience. The option for Fiesta! will appear on your online registration for Scor!.


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