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Here are a few nuggets from the Scor! experiences of others:
A slightly misspelled palindrome: SCOR ROCS -MK

Scor! is my new reality.  Everything else is fluff and nonsense.  -RE

I truly believe this was the best camp yet (Rochester Scor! Camp). I had a blast and I'm looking forward to next year already. -CD

I've tried other camps, but Scor! has it all! -NB

AMAZING! Thank you for a fantastic week.  -NM

Always leaves me wanting more!  -RE

We learned all kinds of helpful tips for playing, and gained many new friends.  It (Atlanta Scor! Camp) was very encouraging and motivational – enough so that we’ve...registered for Scor! in Rochester.  We can’t wait!  We each hope to make it a yearly music vacation. -GT, -KK

Scor! was amazing again this year.  I'm already looking forward to next year -JM

Had a great time and loved meeting everyone.  All the music was fantastic.  It'll be a hard reality returning to work on Monday.  -JE

This was my 2nd Scor! camp experience and truly life-changing. Thank-you to everyone for helping to make a dream continue to come true for this over-60 cello player!  -RE

Scor! Scores! -NM

Thank you so much for an absolutely outstanding musical experience at Scor!. I can’t tell you the impact that it had on me. I had a lesson yesterday, and my teacher told me I was like a brand new person! And I am. -P.K.

Influenced by my positive experience with the ensemble at Scor!, I have joined an adult string ensemble.  -JA

I want to let you and the staff know that I had an awesome time at Scor! You will definitely see me next year at Scor!. I played so much that my hand is sore.  But it's a good sore feeling.  LOL. -KH

Of course, it was my favorite four days of the year, again!  -SH

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  From my Scrapbook

Proberbs for the Player, by Scor! Co-Founder Beth Bultman

Focus: Practicing
Physical skill is not the same as knowledge. No matter how well you know something, you can’t apply it to your instrument until your body learns it too.

There are many “how-tos” in string playing. Don’t think about them all at once. You’ll go nuts. One at a time. Easy does it.

Once won’t do it. Practice it again. And again. And again. You’ll get it.



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